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if you are looking for a personal visual content creator treating your brand as her own? Keep on reading.

Content creation is a lot of work and very time-consuming. It is a challenging and complex part of your marketing strategy. A reason could be that you simply do not have the time and/or the knowledge to create meaningful and suitable content for your brand. Or maybe you do have a marketing team, but they do not have the time and/or knowledge either. You talk about the ideas, but when it is time to bring them to life, the ideas get stuck and never see the light of day. Besides that marketing is a complex and constantly changing landscape which makes it easy to lose focus on what's important. This is where I come in. I will take this significant and challenging part of your marketing strategy out of your hands. I will create all your brand content and design the visual parts of your content marketing.

I will be your Personal Visual Content Creator (PVCC). 




Instagram CS

hard to get

I specialise in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle content. I'm passionate about these niches, and I also have a lot of experience when it comes to creating content for brands in those categories. I have been working with and creating content for brands for over four years now with my Fashion Blog: Countless Shades.

I think it is essential to have similar interests to be able to create meaningful content for your brand. I also believe that I need to connect with you, your vision, your story, and your brand to give you suitable and inspiring content. This means that I am not able to work with everyone but with a select group of people that think, dream and work the same as me. This way, I can put my heart and soul into your brand and be your personal beck and call, Visual Content Creator. 

The importance of this so-called connection is huge. Because I need to be as passionate about your company as you are to be able to create visual content that will complement and boost your brand and inspire your customer.  

BM Moodboard

What does Personal Visual Content Creator Mean? 

It means that I will be responsible for all your visual content. 

You outsource the entire content creation part of your marketing to me. This means all your photo, video, graphic design and visual branding content.

What to expect from me as your PVCC? 

We will discuss campaign ideas, deadlines and content types together, after which I will create a campaign concept. We will discuss the final details when approved, and I can get started. We will have some in-between sparring sessions to see how everything goes and if we are still on the same page. After creating the content, we will make a selection. I will not only create the content but also edit the footage and make your chosen selection ready to share. 

Being your Personal Visual Content Creator means that I will design,

create and manage all the visual aspects of your marketing strategy.  


NA-KD FASHION picnic in the parc 

stronger elevated athleisure

My Jewellery
mother's day


cosy mornings

My Jewellery

beach day

tes studio

one suit | 9 outfits

the spice of life
golden hour


girls trip



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I will treat your brand as my own.
BM Small


I will represent your company as my own.
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I will be available whenever you need me. Online and Offline.
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I will be as passionate and responsible as if it is my own brand.
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Sparring sessions

Weekly sparring seassions about projects and ongoing campaigns.
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Brand Identity

I will help you visualize your brand identity.

business muse

As much as I love content creation I also know, communication about content can get a bit messy, especially with emails. I thought about it and came up with a solution. A professional and easy to use platform where we can communicate with each other directly. 

On this platform, you have your own space where you or I can fill in all your brand details like colours, fonts, logos etc. You can upload documents with other important information, like the campaign concepts or other important brand info. There is a separate place to chat with each other. You can send in project requests via the platform and we can also communicate directly within the projects.  

It is a super easy and practical environment where we can work together on campaigns without having to scroll through millions of emails.



why me?

  • Professional Brand Visuals.

  • Independent Creative Mind that assists you with putting together your Brand identity and Creative concepts.

  • As a fellow entrepreneur, I am a hard-working, focused, responsible, productive and efficient woman who gets the job done.

  • Available when needed.

  • As passionate as you are about your brand.
  • Our own online workspace.
  • My own photo and video equipment, software and transportation are included. 

  • No strings attached. Meaning that when you are not satisfied with my work, we can easily part without fuss, like notice periods.

  • No Employer Contributions

  • No fluctuating prices, you know what to expect. 
  • A professional and easy-to-use platform where you can upload all your important brand info, drop your requests, give feedback and chat about ongoing projects and campaigns.
The Brand Muse Antwerp


You no longer have to worry about the visual content of your brand. 

Being your Personal Visual Content Creator means that I will design,

create and manage all the visual aspects of your marketing strategy.  

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brands I created visuals for

Warmbat Logo
Stronger Logo
My Jewellery Logo
Loavies Logo
Understatement Underwear
Sacha Shoes Logo
Trinny London Logo
iDeal of Sweden Logo
Otrium Logo
Charles & Keith Logo
americatoday logo

You probably have some questions. For example, How will this work? What can I expect from her, and will I keep as much influence as I have now regarding content creation? How do I know this? Because I'm like you. I know you still want to be in charge because it is your brand, something close to your heart.

My answer is yes. You will keep your influence because it is your brand. I can only create meaningful brand content when we work together and when I know your story, vision, goals and dreams. By implementing your vision into my creative brain, we will create a clear, put-together and meaningful brand.

what clients think

Logo Stronger
Hanna Sid & Erika Nylén

We at STRONGER have worked with Floor 

(The Brand Muse) several times on different campaigns over a long time. She always delivers high-quality content within the frames we give her.

She keeps a tight dialogue with us as a client. She is professional, has a creative mindset, and delivers high-quality videos and photos, always keeping the brand in focus. 

Wendy | Lilla Fashion

The Brand Muse knows exactly what she does. She'll bring your wishes to life, and feedback is always welcome. Floor is also super creative. She uses this creativity to further develop and create the requested content.

The Brand Muse is the place to be for your content.

Katarina Klisura

Thank you for the nice collaborations we have done so far; I really enjoyed them. We are very happy with your content. You always find new locations and come up with different content ideas. 

You are the most committed person I have ever worked with, and I admire you. I am proud of our partnership. Thank you for all you've done so far for NA-KD Fashion.


If you have that exciting, giggly, cheery feeling after reading this page and think that I will be the perfect PVCC for your brand, I would love to get to know you. Fill in the form down below or send me an email with your story. I will get back to you as soon as possible so we can plan a 'date' to get to know each other and see if we are a match made in heaven.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

I would love to help you. 

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